Last updated: 4-8-2000

This site is managed and donated to the Fastrax High Performance Snowmobile Club by the LAKO Performance Group

The Fastrax club was started back in 1990 by a group of testosterone laden, performance sled enthusiasts.  The whole purpose of the club was to form a tight network of competent, responsible,  performance oriented snowmobilers that truly engaged the sport from many aspects.  Many of these areas include racing, trail riding, performance tuning, safety components, and political action.

It is mandatory that every member is also a member of the MSA (Michigan Snowmobile Association).  Members are admitted into the club by current member referral only.  This is for the safety of the existing membership as well as the new member.  Riding and drinking do not mix. Members may not carry alcoholic beverages during any club ride or event.  Party if you like, but after the riding is done.  We are performance riders.  As such, awareness, common sense, safety devices and equipment preparation are tops on our priority lists.

News Flash  4-8-2000
For sale page updated (all Georges stuff)
Next Meeting:  April 12th
Summer meeting scheldule.  Discuss new location for meetings.  Discuss summer beach party and S.O. outings.
Flag a race (or how not to)
See newsletter below.


NEWS FLASH!! 12-24-99
A New class in Fastrax Racing!!
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Fastrax Officers for the 99/00 Season

PRESIDENT: Arshag Odabachian

 V. PRESIDENT: George Poynter

SECRETARY: Bob Woodard

TREASURER: Don Elzinga

March 99 Newsletter
by Bob Woodard

Here we are at the end of a not so successful snowmobile season. The club went on a last minute trip to the Pine Stump Junction area on 3/16 after they received about a foot of snow. Most folks did 2-3 days of riding and it was surprisingly good. We actually ran into the groomer if you can believe it. We were able to do some racing on some of the local roads and in general had a blast. As for that racing, over the summer we will be holding a tech session on how to properly flag a race. You must pass a simple test or you will not be allowed to flag a race. Isn’t that pathetic!! We will also hold a tech seminar on how to count to three if you are actually in a race where a flagman is not available.   Pierre “I thought he said Two” Poynter will be the guest speaker for that session.


We are discussing the idea of putting together a simple screen saver of snowmobile activity to put on the web site. People visiting the site could then download it to their computer. If you have any good photos that you would like to include, please E-mail them to me. Action photos would be best, but right now we’ll take whatever you have to offer.


If you have any new or used equipment let me know. I will forward it to our fearless (unless he’s racing a Ski Doo) leader for placement on the web site. He can even do photos if you have them.


Think about some fun things to do over the summer as a club. We can probably do the picnic again on Upper Straits. What do we have to do to get participation?


Meetings will continue as scheduled every other week. The next meeting will be held at Mitch’s II on M-59 just west of Airport Road. Official start time is 7:30 but guys start to roll in around 7:00ish.

Thanks to all who supported the club this year by attending meetings and club rides. Without your participation we would not exist. We only wish the number of participants was greater.



 Here it is guys, just what you've been waiting for. It goes like this:

 Nov. 03, 1999
 Nov. 17, 1999
 Dec. 01, 1999
Dec. 15, 1999
 Jan. 05, 2000
 Jan. 19, 2000
 Feb. 02, 2000
 Feb. 16, 2000
 Mar. 01, 2000
 Mar. 15, 2000
 Mar. 29, 2000
 Apr. 12, 2000


Some preliminary trip dates have been established. The six of us that showed up at the last meeting geared these dates around our own personal schedules. We truly hope that these dates will work for the rest of you riders. The dates are as follows:


12/08 – 12/12  PARADISE (Well that was a pipe dream!)
01/12 – 01/15  PARADISE
02/03 – 02/06  “X” Games in New Hampshire (Poynter pipe dream)
02/24 – 02/27  PARADISE
03/09 – 03/12  PARADISE
03/23 – 03/26  Wawa, Canada

 Race dates will be inserted amongst these trip dates as the club sees fit.


All club dues are required on or before November 03, 1999. You can mail your check directly to Don at the following address or bring it to the November 03 meeting. Don will accept cash!

 Don Elzinga (the Don)
 Waterford, MI

Go to the members page to get Don's full address.  The login is " fastrax " and the password is the name of our first president (without spaces)


We are looking for suggestions for tech topics that have not already been beaten to death. If you have some fresh and exciting suggestions and you know someone who can present the information in English, please, speak your mind.


 Here we go again! The club is talking about the interest in HAM radios again.  Several members have even taken upon themselves (Arshag made them) to purchase the necessary books and or tapes to study the material required to pass the simple test to get licensed. If you go to the following web site you can get information on where to take the test.

That's about all I have for now. If you are selling something and you think someone in the club would buy it knowing what they know about you, good luck.  Give me the information and I will post it in the next newsletter.

Happy Snowmobiling

Fastrax Class Racing is back!
by Arshag Odabachian

On all club trips, there will be respective titles granted for, "Fastest in class".  There will be special custom hats rotating all season long.

We are still deciding on the length of the races.  One thing is for sure, the race must be at least 660 feet, but no more than 1000 feet.  Top speed is not important.  It is who gets there first after a clean start (George, that would be after the flag man drops his hand).

After much deliberation of hundreds of possible classes, whining from all participants, and bribing of club officers, we have brought it down to the following "Fantastic Four":

Weezer Class; 600cc and below, single pipe, stock crank and crankcase, no porting! (case or cylinders!), no blowers, turbos or nitrous.  40mm carb limits (EFIs can run mod regulators and/or chips).  Bolt ons such as pistons, heads, reeds, clutching, aftermarket pipe/muffler are ok. Cylinders must be OEM only.

Pro Weezer Class; Ok, we did away with the open class, this is the replacement:  660cc and below (this covers all the older 650 indys, even with an overbore), multi pipes, porting and add-ons ok.  Any other ideas for restrictions in this class?

Thumper Class; 670cc to 800cc single pipe, 42mm limit on carbs.  Same rules as weezer class for bolt-ons and cylinders.

Pro-Thumpers and Triple-Triples;  All over bored twins and triples to 1050cc (pump gas).  Multi pipes, porting, and add ons ok. Single pipe turbos (pump gas limited)  must follow handicap guidelines.  600 turbos-7psi boost, 700cc turbos-6psi boost, 800cc turbos-5psi boost.

Rules For All Classes:

Trail studs, (NO Picks)

Automotive Pump Gas 93 octane.  Boosters OK for safety.  Note: Two gallons of C-14 is not considered a "Safety Booster".

NO racing counts until after 2nd fuel fill of the day from a gas station on the trail (no chase helicopter refueling allowed this year).

All challenges must be accepted or forfeit (these will be published on the World Wide Web for all to see).  If the winning sleds engine or drive line fails to make it back to the final destination of the day, (under its own power), That racer forfeits the win and the point is awarded to the challenger.  Of course, this too will be published for the amusement of the entire Internet snowmobiling community.

You must be present on the club trip to defend your title.   There must be at least 2 sleds in a class on any trip, regardless if previous trophy holder is present.  Claiming victory when you have the only sled in that class for the day might make you feel good but, it don't mean squat for points.  Race must occur between 12-6pm, no 3 am challenges.  At least two other Fastrax members must be present as witnesses.

Winner on the end of the day accumulates 1 point. The maximum points you can accumulate per class, per trip, is three.  This would require being the winner in the class three days in a row and being challenged by at least three different members in that class.  Example:  Racing two other members 25 times, over three days, and winning every race, only gives you two points for the club trip (since there was only two other challengers).

Points leader at the end of the last trip wins a really big class Trophy.

Suspect someone is cheating? (In this group?) Protest cost is $100.00 cash up front before tear down.  If the protester is wrong, he/she gives up the $100, is stripped of all accumulated points for the class, and cannot compete in the class for the rest of the season.  If the protest is proven valid, that racer loses $100 to the protester and is banned from the class for the remainder of the season.  In addition, they will be heavily ridiculed at every waking moment, and will receive the "Woo Fong" corrective action ritual.

The offender is also graded on the ingenuity of the cheat on a scale from one to ten (1= That was really stupid, what the hell were you thinking?) to (10= Wow, you should patent that!) and, of course, everything surrounding the infraction will be documented and published on the web.

May the force be with you.